Reporting Household Changes

One of your most important responsibilities is to report to FHA any changes in your income or in the size of your household. You are required to report changes within 10 working days by submitting documentation to FHA.

All forms are available for download from this page, or from the FHA Office located at 350 Sycamore, Fulton, MO 65251. For more information, call us at (573) 642-7611

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If Income Changes in Your Household

FHA must receive written verification of the change. Verification is usually a letter from the source of income, for example: a letter from your employer stating that your job has ended.

You must provide written documentation of your income change. Without this verification we cannot process your request. Check stubs or time sheets are not acceptable forms of verification if your employment has terminated.

If Someone Leaves Your Household

Report the change to us immediately and provide documentation of their new address.

If You Have a New Child in Your Family

You must report the new addition of a child within 10 business days of the birth of the child or in the case of adoption, or court-awarded custody. Documentation may be required.

You will be required to provide documentation of social security status for your child.

If You Add a New Adult to Your Household

You may not add a new adult to your household unless it has been authorized by FHA. Please contact FHA when you want to add a person to your household.

After we receive your request, and the packet of completed required documents, we will see if the person that you want to add meets eligibility requirements.

We will then mail you a letter to set up an appointment to meet with our intake officer to complete the process.