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Does FHA offer emergency housing?

There is no emergency housing at FHA.

Does FHA allow pets?

Yes. Pets as well as Companion and Service animals are welcome. A pet requires a $75.00 deposit whereas a companion or service animal does not. Find out more by reading our FHA Pet Policy

How long does it take to approve my application?

You are not fully approved until all information is updated and you are offered a unit. It takes approximately 2-6 weeks for us to process your application and add you to the wait list.

What type of background check is required to apply for public housing?

FHA will run 5-year checks of your criminal history, rent history, rent terminations and debts owed to other housing authorities and/or landlords.

How long is the wait list or how long does it take to be housed?

It is different all the time. The correct unit size must be vacant for us to make an offer to the next household on the wait list.

Do I qualify with a criminal record?

Anyone on an Offenders List is prohibited from living in Public Housing. Having a criminal record may make it difficult for a person to receive housing, but it does not automatically disqualify them.

If I owe a debt to FHA or another housing authority will my application be denied?

If you owe money to to any housing authority you will have to settle that debt to be eligible for assistance again. If that is the case, you may want to contact the housing authority you owe money to so you can set up a payment plan.

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