Submitting an Application

Fulton Housing Authority uses the same application for both Public Housing and Section 8. On the second page of the application you may choose to; Apply for Public Housing Only; Apply for Section 8 Only; or Apply for both Public Housing and Section 8.

An application may be obtained from the office at 350 Sycamore, by printing a copy from this web site, or by requesting one by mail. 

FHA will not accept mailed, emailed, or faxed applications. 

Completed applications will only be accepted in person on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 9:00AM and 2:00PM in order to facilitate a face-to-face interview to review your application. No appointment is necessary. All adults on the application must be present for the interview.

Documentation required for your interview include: 

  • The completed application
  • Social Security Card for adults and children
  • Current photo ID (over 18)
  • Birth certificate for adults and children
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of Food Stamps, TANF
  • Child support with case number
  • Proof of checking account and/or savings account

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New Units

Omitting any information, especially income or prior landlord history, will delay the application process. Any false information, given knowingly or unknowingly, can and will result in your application being nullified.

Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

You must keep your mailing address and phone number current at all times. If we cannot contact you your application may be disqualified. All personally identifiable information will be kept confidential.

Background Checks

When we receive your application and identification documents, we run criminal background checks on every adult in the household. We also check to see if you owe money to any housing authorities and contact previous landlords to verify that you were a good tenant.

The following things may cause your application to be denied:

  • Violent or drug-related criminal activity in the past five years
  • Outstanding debts to housing authorities
  • Prior terminations at housing authorities or a number of evictions
  • Negative reports from previous landlords

If your application is denied for any reason, you may request a hearing to appeal the decision. For more information on denial hearings, please call the Housing office at 573-642-7611.


Placement on the Waiting List

When you pass our background screening process and all information requested has been received your application is placed on a waiting list for the housing unit for which you qualify.